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HOPE Ministries encourages those who come to make it a time of retreat and spend the time away from home. We ask local individuals to take 2-3 days off from work and the normal busyness of life. This allows time for processing and rest as needed. 

Individuals can stay in motels or have the secretary book local accommodations at a discounted rate. Our on-site Hospitality Cottage can be used on a donation basis if it is not already booked. The secretary will inform you of available options. 

Accommodations: Programs

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Amenities Included
  • Stove, refrigerator, microwave 

  • Basic cookware, dishes, silverware

  • Coffee (Keurig and french press), sugar, creamer

  • Salt, pepper, oil, basic spices​

  • Towels and linens

  • Washer and drier

  • Outdoor patio, table, and grill

  • Food is not provided

Accommodations: Programs
Hospitality Cottage

This is a one-bedroom cottage with a private bath and a walk in shower.
It is available to clients (on a donation basis); however, due to the number
of clients on the schedule, we cannot promise it to every client who comes to our office.  

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Day Cottage

Our Day Cottage is a great place to get away and watch the required DVDs.
It is also used for individual processing time between sessions as needed. 

Accommodations: Programs
Counseling Office

We are grateful for the way God has provided a main office for the ministry,
just one block from our cottages and original location.

This office building includes a reception area, waiting room, and three counseling offices. 

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